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By on August 10, 2016

Police are searching for a suspect who hit and killed Clive Downer, the father of dancehall artiste D’Angel, along Old Harbour Road on Tuesday morning and fled the scene.

Details of the incident are unclear at this time, but Downer was reportedly walking across the street when he was hit by the car.

D’Angel confirmed the development to to us, noting that she received the news while preparing to perform at the Irie FM Road Show.

“I got a call this morning that there was a hit and run and my father was killed so I had to leave the show because I cannot perform,” a tearful D’Angel, real name Michele Downer, told us.

“He didnt deserve to die like that, like an animal,” she said. “He was a good man who was well known in Spanish Town.”

D’Angel, who spoke to us while at the hospital, has appealed to persons who may have witnessed the incident to report it to the police.