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Homeless teen caught faking disability in New Kingston, Jamaica

By on September 21, 2016

If you live in and/or drive around Kingston on any given day, many homeless people pass your motor vehicles begging a “small change” no matter how insignificant it may seem.

However one teen, who is suspected to be homeless, was caught faking to be disabled in order to score the sympathy of unsuspecting motorists who stop at an intersection close to the Canadian High Commission along Upper Waterloo Road in the city.

The young man was recorded on Junior Anthony’s smartphone on Sunday, September 18 in a two minute-long video as he lamented the teen’s ‘wicked ways’.

“People watch da bwoy yah, him did a walk and a hop enuh. As soon as di car dem pull up him start hop,” Anthony laughed.

Sure enough as the video progressed, the young man would ‘limp’ his way over to cars as they stopped at the intersection, handy with what appears to be some receptacle for collecting coins and other monies.

The video, which has hundreds of shares on social media, has brought on the ire of many Jamaicans – while some blasted the youth for making light of people who have disabilities, other slammed the teen for being dishonest and making it harder for other homeless Jamaicans to garner sympathy from travelling motorists.

“I see this kid all the time. That’s so messed up tho….” One woman commented.

“I dont even find this funny. This little frownzy boy makes it difficult for the ppl that are really and truly in need,” a man fumed.

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