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LEAKED: Usain Bolt Caught In Compromising Position With Brazilian Girl In RIO

By on August 22, 2016

“The Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt too well your passage across the river in the Olympics 2016/ in addition to the gold medal he won. In his farewell of Brazil, the Olympic Champion scratched as DJ in the newly opened club in Barra Da Tijuca

All in all, with the right to special advantages in the cabin, where he met a Brazilian by the name of Jenny Duarte. After the “fig puts” the ballad according to the columnist Leo days

The two went to a place more reserved and got the will, as shown in the images, i wonder if our friend met the power of the arrow of bolt?

We are waiting to see if jenny will be on the cover of playboy, attended the reality show the  farm or just even have 5 minutes of fame.